Engineering Bootcamp

Do you want to learn Engineering ?
Engineering is all about creativity in problem solving!


Do you want to learn from technology industry veterans ?
You will get guidance along the path of your own choosing…

but you have questions…

What can you learn ?
Lots of things…the Internet of Things: see our catalog of learning experiences…


Do you want to be challenged?
You will be challenged every day.


Are you ready for your employment options to increase dramatically, if you are willing to work hard?
Enrollment is 100,000mwk/mo. (Your enrollment will be waived if you are actively contributing to a project, but you must document progress and demonstrate that you achieved your goals) You will have no more than 25 student peers in each class.

(There may be some materials, Raspberry Pi’s, Arduino, etc. that students may purchase for personal use)

Unlimited internet, but don’t expect to YouTube , Netflix or Pirate Bay while here.

…then why not apply!

Are you ready for a life changing experience?
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