Crop monitoring and smart farming using IoT

Farming in Malawi is done largely through human physical labor and is heavily weather dependent. The fact that Malawi’s farmers lack proper knowledge makes it even more erratic. A large portion of farming and agricultural activities are based on weather predictions, which at times fail. Farmers then have to bear significant losses may not even be able to feed themselves. Since we know the benefits of proper soil moisture and its quality, air quality and irrigation, in the growth of crops, such parameters cannot be ignored.

We are advocating a relatively new idea of crop monitoring and smart farming in Malawi using IoT. We believe that these methods will be a benchmark for agribusiness (even at a small scale) due to many factors including reliability and remote monitoring. We can “digitize” farming and agricultural activities so that the farmers can check on the requirements of the crops they wish to grow and through various real-time and historic data, accurately predict their growth. This concept will surely accelerate their business to reach new heights and also be more profitable. The implementation of our project largely depends upon the awareness among farmers, which, we believe will be easily created due to its numerous advantages.

The aim of this project is to introduce the latest technology into the agriculture business and better crop production by collecting real-time status of crop and informing the farmers about it.


  • SMS Notifications
  • Valuable information collection
  • Detailed Data analysis


  • Cost effective
  • Easy to implement

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